Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Traffic - Get Mad About It!

Are you going to sit there and wine about no traffic or will you get mad about it?

Your blog has no traffic (or only a little trickle) what can you do?  Do you get depressed?  Stop blogging?  Move onto another blog niche?

No you get mad about it.  OK, then what?  You go out and take action.  Go get yourself all angered up that no one cares but you will make them care.  You will make them see how valuable your money making blog is and then they will all come to you for answers. 

How to get motivated to go and get your own blog traffic:
  • Do something to promote your blog - in-action often leads to more in-action.  Do something to get your engine started and maybe you will get motivated to do so much more.
  • Make a blog plan - if you already have one then chuck it in the trash and make a new one that is better.
  • Follow your blog plan and reach the goals and then set new ones.
  • Make deadlines for your blog plan and work to meet those deadlines.

Here is a little motivating quote to get your butt in gear and go out and get that blog traffic, "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have." Thomas Jefferson

Remember that even the biggest pro-bloggers did not have overnight success.  Everyone claims that they are making money, but some of that is deception.  Proof of income can be faked with paint shop or photoshop programs.  If you are reading a popular blog chances are if you were to look into their archives (if you can find them) they have been blogging on the same site for around two years and have hundreds of blog posts or more.

Well, why are you still here reading my blog?  Don't you have some work to do?  Go now and get busy!

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