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101 Niches to Blog About for Making Money

101 Profitable Blog Niches

If you are looking to start a blog and you want to make money then you need that perfect niche to blog about.  With 101 profitable blog niches the choice will be much easier for you.

What is a niche?  The definition of a niche is: 1. a specialized market  2. pertaining to or intended for a market niche  3. niche advertising.

What a niche means in blog marketing is to make money is the focusing of smaller sections of a larger part. For Example:  Making Money Online is the larger part and there are many smaller sections that it can be broken down into.  You can break it down in niches such as Making Money Online by: Auctions, Freelance Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Ebooks, etc. 

There are many, many niches that you can focus on and make money online with them.  The important thing is to only pick one small niche and then focus on that part.  This niche focus will bring targeted traffic to your blog, who will be ready and willing to spend money on their interest or hobby.

Below are just some of the extensive niches that you could use to blog about.  The key with blog niches is to pick something that interests you, so when you have to write a blog post on your niche topic everyday you won't get tired of that niche.

101 Niches for Blogging:
Wedding Niches:
1. Wedding Vows
2. Wedding Toasts
3. Eco-Friendly Weddings
4. Low Cost Weddings
5. DIY Wedding Planning
6. How to make your own Wedding Favors
7. Romantic Wedding Songs
8. Celebrity Weddings
9. Wedding Cake Designs
10. Dream Wedding Dresses
Pet Niches:
11. Dog Breeds
12. Dog Training
13. Tropical Fish Aquariums
14. Pet Care
15. Breeding Your Pet
16. Pet Photo's
17. Homemade Pet Treats
18. Your Pets Health
19. Funny Pet Videos
20. Dog Show Tips
21. Pet Adoptions
22. Puppy Mills
23. Pet Grooming
24. Pet Sitting or Pet Walking
25. Travel with Pets
Hobby Niches:
26. Gardening
27. Photography
28. Camping
29. Crochet
30. Golfing
31. Woodworking
32. Sweepstakes
33. Quilting
34. Fishing
35. Crafting
36. Video Gaming
37. Photography
38. Scrapbooking
39. Poker
40. Cycling
Entertainment Niches:
41. Movies
42. MP3's and Music
43. Television
44. Celebrity Gossip
45. News
46. Sports
47. Holidays
48. Vacations
49. Best Selling Books
50. Reality Shows
Health Niches:
51. Pregnancy
52. Dieting
53. Diseases and Conditions
54. Exercise Routines
55. Vitamins and Minerals
56. Alternative Medicine
57. Health Care Options
58. Stress Busters
59. Healthy Snacks
60. Vegan Recipes
61. Holistic Medicine
62. Vaccines
63. Yoga
64. Quit Smoking
65. Depression
Family Niches:
66. Family Budgeting
67. Couponing
68. Preschoolers
69. Family Calendar
70. Divorce
71. Fast & Easy Meals
72. Potty Training
73. Toddler Games
74. Teenage Problems
75. Family Reunions
76. Genealogy
77. Baby Names
78. Study Skills
79. College Planning
80. Family Game Night
Work At Home Niches:
81. Freelance Writing
82. Blogging for Cash
83. Selling on Ebay
84. DropShip Website
85. Avon
86. Mary Kay
87. Amway
88. Ebook Writing
89. Podcasting & Video Blogs or Vlogs
90. Selling Crafts
91. Medical Transcribing and Billing
92. Home Call Center
93. Paid Surveys
94. Affiliate Marketing
95. Data Entry
96. Resume Service
97. Web Design
98. Product Reviewer
99. How to Sell Digital Photography
100. Child Day Care
101. Pet Day Care

Niche Writing Can:
* Show that you have expertise in your Niche area.
* Drive targeted traffic to your Profitable Niche Blog.
* Bring Specialized Niche Clients directly to you.
* Enable you to sell even more products that are related to your niche.
* Make More Money Online.

Another thing to remember, is if you want to make money with your niche you need to make sure that it is not too small and that there are things (ebooks, Amazon items, ebay stuff, posters, etc.) that you can sell to your niche audience to make money with niche blogging.

So What's Your Niche Going to Be?

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