Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 1 of my Blogging Fortune Journey

On day 1 of my Blogging Fortune Challenge here are some of the things I have done to set up my blog to make a fortune in cash.

How I Set up my Blog for Profit
  • New Blogger Template
  • Clickbank eBook Links
  • Google Adsense
  • Share Widget
  • Google Analytics
  • Heading Description

      I have gotten a blogger template but I am not sure if this will be permanent or not but I like it for now.

      Changed around the templates a little bit and added a few links to some informational ebooks that I want to use to make money with this blog.

      I added Google Adscense to the blog for even more money making potential for my money making blog.  I was already signed up and have Google Adscense on some of my other non perfoming blogs.  Well I currently make from $5 to $10 with Adscense ads but I want to multiply that amount by 100. 
      I also added a Twitter and Facebook share widget to my blog so others can share this blog which translates to more free traffic for me.

      Added Google Analytics which will take a day or longer to get any results from my blog.   This will enable me to track my traffic to the blog: how many visitors, where they are from, how they get to the blog, and which search engine and keywords they are using to find the blog.

      I also added a short description to the heading - My Blogging Adventure to Make Money by Blogging.

      All of these things took me less than an hour to set up.  This day one will probably be the day when I spend the most time working on this blog.  Writing blog posts takes a much shorter amount of time.  So hopefully soon I will be making a great amount of money for my blogging efforts.

      Next I am going to add some posts about making money with your blog to add search-able content that will rank higher in the search engines.

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