Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 2 - My Blogging Fortune Challenge

Day 2 of my Blogging Fortune Challenge and here is what I am doing. 

I am not happy with the blogger template that I am using, it has a problem and is taking to long to load.  I don't have the time to fix that now so I will remedy it later.

In order to make money blogging with this blog I am going to have to get some traffic.  I wrote a blog post about free traffic here:  5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

So now I am going to practice what I preach.  Going to try to use the traffic ideas to get my own traffic to this money making blog.

My Free Traffic Attempts:
*Facebook blog link
* Twitter - tweeted the blog link
* Digg, I dugg this blog
*Used the blog link in some forum signatures
*Made some friends, well I am following other blogspot blogs that interest me.

So now we sit and wait to see if these free blog traffic ideas get my blog on the search engines soon. 

My Google Analytics are up and running but I probably won't have any statistics for at least a week.  I also have not gotten no Google Adsense clicks as of yet. 

Added two blog posts and another clickbank link to maximize my money making potential.

Search and Earn - Amazon, Target & PayPal Gift Cards

Search & Win