Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 More Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Need More Blog Traffic?
Here are 5 More Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog.

You have done a few things to get some traffic to your brand new blog, but it didn't even get you into the search engines yet.  Should you give up and just keep posting?  Yes and no.  Yes to keep posting, because the more established you are ( the more blog posts you have) the more people will stick around.  No you should not give up on getting lots of free traffic.

Why do you even need to get traffic to your blog?  Don't Google bots crawl pages all the time?  Yes Google is busy, but blogs are second rate citizens on the Internet.   Why?  Blogs can be seen as just for fun or as someones hobby, not as a legitimately helpful site.  Unless you have a blog with a domain name that is a .com.  So sometimes especially at the beginning us blogger types need to go out and get ourselves indexed in the search engines.

5 More Free Ways to Get Traffic To Your Blog:
  1. Submit your blog to Blog Directories such as Technorati
  2. Ping your blog with Ping-o-Matic
  3. Submit blog to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing
  4. Write an Ezine Article and link back to your blog
  5. Set your blog as your email signature

 If you need to generate more traffic to your new blog or website these 5 ways can help.  They are not guaranteed to get 1,000's of new visitors overnight.  One of the search engines will tell you it may take up to 3 weeks to get indexed, that is if they deem you good enough.  Every little bit can add to your blogs traffic.  So get busy submitting your blog for that all important free traffic.

Now that you have a few ways to generate traffic to your new or unseen blog you may want even more traffic.  Here is another blog post telling you how to get another 5 free ways to get traffic to your blog.

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