Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 3 - My Blogging Fortune Challenge

Day 3 of my Blogging Fortune Challenge and here is what I am doing. 

I realized something about my blogging habits today.  I have never had a blog that has gotten past 50 blog posts.  I don't know if I get bored or frustrated that the money is not poring in right away.  I also know that none of my blogs have lasted a mere 6 months before I give up.

From experience on other sites I know that making money on the Internet requires some hard work and time.  So I am going to try to do everything I can remember to make a blog successful and actually put in a little bit of time and hard work to accomplish that.  I am also going to give it time.

I have set some goals for my blog.  
In order to make money or make my blogging fortune I will...
  • Make at least 100 Blog Posts
  • Work to get more Traffic to my Blog
  • Continue my Challenge for 6 months

 Here is what is going on with my blog on Day 3 of My Blogging Fortune Challenge:
I wrote a new blog post about 5 More Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog.  I have been implementing those new 5 traffic ideas.

My Free Traffic Attempts:
*  Submitted blog to the major search engines - What the heck, it might help.
*  I pinged my blog
*  I am in the process of adding my blog to a blog directory
* Set my blog address as my signature in my email - every little bit helps

Money Updates - None Yet

There are plenty of more things I can do to generate massive traffic to my new blog and there are many ways to maximize my money making potential.  So I will continue plugging away until I get it right!

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