Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Get Search Engines to Find Your Blog

Maybe you have been blogging for a while and you don't have that many visitors, comments or sales from your blog.  You want to get your blog noticed so you can make more money and you want the big three search engines to frequently update and highly rank your blog.

Getting the big 3 (Yahoo, Google and Bing) to notice your blog may not be all that easy. One thing the search engines are looking for is content.  Are you posting valuable content?  If you are blogging a few words here and there and put up blurbs and updates that is great.  To make your blog posts more valuable you need to post longer content.  Every week you need to post something targeted to your blogs audience with keywords that are related to your blog.

My blog named My Blogging Fortune is about making money with your blog.  So when I write a blog post I try to include the following words: Make money, making money, blog for cash and so on.  When you use your key words, making money, and other related words, profit and sales, you are alerting the search engines that you are contributing to the online community.

You may have heard of SEO or search engine optimization well that is another story, but it has its place in your blog.  You need key words and words related to your blogs key words to get noticed.  I am not talking about keyword spamming because the search engines will rank your site lower for that kind of thing.

How to Get Search Engines to Find Your Blog:
Try writing a blog post that reminds you of an article you would read.
Make it related to your blog.
Strategically add key words.
Length is important - aim for somewhere between 200 - 300 words.

I also suggest:
Submitting your blog to  BlogCarnavals
Submit an article to GoArticles

You can do it and you will get more readers for your effort and more readers translates into a money making blog, which is what we are after.

FYI - This blog post had over 300 words and it only took 15 minutes or less.

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