Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 4 - My Blogging Fortune Challenge

Day 4 of my Blogging Fortune Challenge - Burnt out So Soon?

OK, it is only Day 4 of my blogging challenge.  I'm not lazy honestly but I have a ton of other projects going on at the same time and this blog seems to be stressing me out.  I can't afford to fail again.

I was searching to find out how many blog posts are acceptable.  At this point I am not sure that it even really matters if I post something once a day or three times a day.  It seemed that some people were split down the middle on this question.

Some thought that once a day blog posting was just the right amount so that their subscribers wouldn't get too far behind or miss out on something because they were blogging too often.  Eventually it is my goal to get readers to subscribe to my blogs RSS feed but that is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Others were for posting multiple times a day even past 20 posts.  Well if you were trying to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics with scores then you might need to update your blog that often.  Their thoughts were the more blog posts we have the more traffic we will get, makes sense.

For my blog I think once or twice a day at least at the beginning is appropriate.  I just want to do what is right to maximize my blogs money making potential.

What did I do on Day 4 to Make Money with my Blog?
Not much.
  • Trying to Verify the Technorati blog directory
  • Pinged my blog again
  • Made a Blog Business Plan - Complete with some long term goals.
  • Placed  6  New Links to my Blog around the Internet

Money Updates - No Money Yet.  Showing 5 unique visitors to my site.


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