Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 7 - My Blogging Fortune Challenge

Day 7 of my money making blog challenge.

Well it has been one full week since I have started my blog.  I have learned so much in just one week about making money online.  I already new somethings from a few years ago but the Internet is always changing and I was not keeping up.  Now that I am a little more up to speed my blog will certainly have much better results than if I tried using tactics that worked 5 years ago.

What did I do on Day 7 to Make Money with my Blog?
  • Put up a privacy policy - was supposed to have this before, oops. 
  • Made 1 anchor text link with my key words.
  • Re-wrote one of my blog posts and will publish the article at GoArticles. 

 Again not much was done today but the potential outcome of the article and it's back-links is exciting.   I know that in order to make money online with my blog I am going to have to get more links all over the Internet.

The best free way to accomplish getting back links is to publish articles and have a link that points to your article.  Many website owners are looking for content and they don't have the time or the skill to write a properly SEO article related to their keywords so they will use others articles.

That is where your article comes in handy because those webmasters who want content will come looking and they will find yours.  Then when they post the article on their site or blog you get a link from their site to your blog.  Instant backlink and Google likes these, so what ever they like we also like and want more of them.  The more articles the better.

What I have accomplished with my money making blog in one week:
  • I have some great links all over the web, about 20 links and more will follow.
  • Wrote and published 2 articles that will give me backlinks to my blog.
  • Pinged my blog
  • Submitted blog to blogging directory and search engines.
  • Made a money making blog business plan and goals.
  • Submitted blog at 2 Blog Carnival magazines.

 Here is what has not happened yet:  I have not made any money yet, and I say yet because I know that it will come with time.  Only a handful of visitors, but I know that will grow too.  Still not indexed in the major search engines - Yet!

If I keep working on getting backlinks and more traffic to my site I know that my blog will make money and I will be one of the top 10% of people making money online.  If you want to be in the top 10% of people who make money online bookmark my blog and check back often to see what new ideas I am up to at My Blogging Fortune that you can use on your blog to make money. 

My new challenge is to continue to post twice daily.  I believe the people who say content is king and I intend to help out my readers and provide them with informative content they can use to make money online with a blog.

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