Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do I Need My Own Website to Make Money Blogging?

Do you need your own website to make money online with a blog? 

Many people who stop by to read my blog may wonder why I am using blogger's blogspot to host my money making blog.  There are a few simple reasons I use the Google Blogger blogspot for the blog My Blogging Fortune and we will get to those later.

You may have read other blogs that are on a .com domain and thought that maybe you need to get your own domain name.  Well you are certainly welcome to and you may get indexed in the search engines faster than many blogs and you might get more traffic because you look more professional.  But getting your own domain is not necessary.  There are several big names who are making big money who simply use blogs by Blogspot or Wordpress. 

Why even use Blogger as my money making blogs provider?  Many of the - How to make money with a blog writers will tell you that you have to use Wordpress to have a successful money making blog.  Well I tell you that is not so.  You can use a Blogger blog and make just as much money if not more.

Why I recommend Blogger Blogspot Blogs:

  • So easy a Caveman could do it.  Blogger is seriously easy!  

  • It is free to set up a blog; free need I say more?

  • Blogger is run by Google so Google Adsense is right there available for the blog, you just need to sign up under the monetize tab and you can have Google ads making you money in no time.

  •  Now they also have Amazon Affiliates so you can set that up and recommend stuff from Amazon and get a percentage of those sales.

  • You will get some of Blogspot or Blogger traffic for free just for being on their network.

If your blog gets too many readers and needs more bandwidth don't worry you can always switch it to a .com.  The blogger system has it set up so you can easily change over and you get your domain through GoDaddy for only $10  and the Blogpot domain will forward all of your readers to your new domain name.  Seamless and simple.

So you can see that you don't actually need your own website to make money blogging!

Note:  Make sure you back everything up somewhere.  Blogger could decide that you violated something in their Terms of Service or the agreement you have with them.  Then they can shut your site down - then inform you and you don't want to lose everything.  Get into the habit of saving either daily or weekly.

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