Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Make $300.00 a Month with Blogging

Monthly goal of $300.00 from Blogging

I recently read a blog post over at Problogger called,  "How to Make $30,000 a year Blogging."  posted by Darren Rowse.

The basis of the article was to realize what your money goals for your blog are, and then focus on trying to break that amount into monthly or daily goals so it does not seem too far out of reach.  My goal is to be making $300.00 a month in 6 months time.  Right now with only a little traffic that amount of money seems unattainable in that time frame. 

If I break down that monthly goal into a daily goal, I will only need to earn $10.00 a day from my blogging efforts.  Well - ten dollars a day does not seem like all that much.  Don't get me wrong it will take time to get to that point but breaking down the larger amounts of money into smaller amounts, it just appears to be more manageable.

So now I am going to focus on trying to earn just $1.00 a day.  That one dollar a day is not much but with a new blog it certainly would not be bad either.  Every little bit will add up and once I reach the $1 goal then I can move on to $5 and then to $10.

By breaking my money making goals down into smaller more easily handled chunks I can focus on the smaller more easily reachable goals and not give up so quickly because I am no where near my intended goal.

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