Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Do You Want to Make Money Blogging Online?

Why Make Money Blogging?

If you are broke, in debt or maybe you have lost your job and have bills piling up and the appeal of making money blogging is calling to you and you want to get rich quick.  You could also be in foreclosure of your home and need some fast cash so you have turned to blogging for cash.

Blogging is not a fast money maker, not at the beginning at least.   You must have read about how these pro-bloggers make an extremely nice full-time income from blogging and thought that would be nice for you too.

What is the blogging appeal?
For most blogging represents the ultimate freedom.  Freedom of speech, to say whatever the heck you want to say, go on a rant for ten minutes and have someone read your stuff.  Blogging full-time could mean that you get to fire your boss or quit that job that you hate.  The appeal of spending time helping others with your knowledge of a hobby or some other information you possess.  Blogging can mean so many different things to so many people. 

Why blog?
Because bloggers in the blogosphere can change the world.  Bloggers can actually get their voices heard and that can be a powerful thing. 

Why do I blog?
Short Answer:  I would love to find a way to make money online and be able to share exactly what I have done with others so that they can follow my blogging blueprint and have their own success.  Long Answer:  It is basically the same as above just much more long winded and I just don't have it in me to go on and on right now.   If I wasn't a blogger, I would never be able to get away with that last sentence, but this is a blog and I can do whatever I please, now that's freedom.

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