Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Your Blog Will Fail

Why Your Blog is Destined to Fail

Many people start blogs every day and the majority will never even reach the minimum $100 Google payout.  It is easy to start a blog, but it is not as easy to actually make money from blogging.

Reasons Blogs Fail:
  • The blogger never made goals for their blog.
  • The blog just does not get enough traffic to make money.
  • Just posting is not enough.
  • Inaction on the bloggers part.
I want to liken a brand new blog to a new restaurant in a big city.  If you opened up a new restaurant (not a franchise) you would make sure that you advertised as much as possible right at the grand opening so everyone would know about the new place.

At first you might see a trickle of customers but there is potential.  If your restaurant is appealing and the food is great and the service is good you will get free word of mouth advertising.  So you do lots of advertising at first and build up a good following and let your regulars use word of mouth and they will advertise for you.

The same thing must happen with a new blog.  The internet is a vast city with new blogs opening on every corner.  You must advertise to get people to visit your blog.  Then once you get a following your regulars will use word of mouth or link love to advertise for you.  If you have a funny post or important post they just want to share with friends or maybe they will bookmark you for many others to see.   They might make a post about your blog and put up a link for others to go check you out.

The restaurant is a pretty good analogy for blogging.  If you don't advertise in the beginning no one will come.  Likewise if your blog sucks or there is no real content people will quickly move on to the next one that came up in the search engine for your key words.

You have bloggers like Yaro Starak and Darren Rowse and they are the McDonald's of restaurants.  Which means that if they wanted to they would never have to advertise again.  Because all of their loyal fans and followers are doing the advertising for them.

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