Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Blogging Habits

Do You Have the Right Blogging Habits?

If you make some daily blogging habits it can help you do have a successful money making blog.  The experts seem to agree that habits are made in about one month. So if you do an activity everyday for one month you can make it into a habit.  Likewise, if you want to break a bad habit you will need to stop doing it for one month's time.

Good Blogging Habits:
  1. Blog Post Daily - If you get into the good habit of posting on your blog everyday it will become a habit and you may even begin to look forward to it.  If you happen to stop posting for a day because of illness, etc. you may have guilt because you have let yourself down or your readers down.  Take the challenge - Post everyday for one month.
  2. Attract Traffic to Your Blog - This is an essential step that most people stop after only a few tries.  If you go around the Internet and daily try to get traffic to your site, you will be a step ahead of the competition.  Read:  5 Ways to Get Traffic to your Blog for ideas.
  3. Build Blogging Connections - Leave comments on other bloggers blog posts and they might just return the favor.  If you make blogging connections with bloggers in the same niche in the future there may be an opportunity for a joint venture.

If you continue to make these three steps into daily habits no matter what you will succeed.  That means if you don't get any comments or make any sales and have no visitors then you still complete these good daily blogging habits.

To take a quote from the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it, t(he)y will come."  If you post regularly and go out and actively try to get traffic and make blogging connections eventually they will come to your blog.

So make some new habits and commit to doing these three things each day for one month.  Then you will be set and soon will have even more traffic than before.

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