Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is Your Blog in the Right Niche?

Are you blogging about the right niche for you?

Many people jump into blogging and make the mistake of not picking a niche.  What is a niche anyway?  A niche is a narrow part of something bigger.  For example you like to garden, a gardening niche would be green house gardening or flower pot gardening.  If your blog is too general you will likely not meet your blog visitors needs and they will find what they are looking for elsewhere.

There are many niches that you can write a blog about but some of them are not right for everyone.  Think about your hobbies and what you like to do or talk about and work from there.  If you would like some niche suggestions here is a blog post I wrote last month: 101 Niches to Blog About

Many other bloggers suggest that the make money niche in blogging is not the right niche for everyone.  For one, there are blogs telling you how to make money everywhere you look.  Make money blogs are probably 10 to 1 verses other blog niches.  So competition in this category is fierce and raging.
You also don't want to pick a blog niche that is too narrow.  If you wanted to blog about the missing socks from the dryer you might not be able to make much money from this because there are not enough searches going on about this topic.  So you don't want to narrow down a general niche topic too far so that no one even cares.

Why you need to pick the right niche ~ Niche Writing Will:
  •   Show your expertise in your Niche area.
  •   Drive targeted traffic to your Niche Blog or Niche Articles.
  •   Bring Specialized clients to you.
  •   Enable you to sell more products related to your niche.
  •   Make you more money.

If you still don't know what the right niche is for you and you want some help to become a Niche Blogging Authority then you might like to read Niche Blogging Profits by Codrut Turcanu.

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