Thursday, March 4, 2010

SEO Optimize Pillar Posts for Blog Traffic

How to SEO Optimize your Pillar Posts for Maximum Traffic

When you write a blog post more specifically a pillar blog post, you need to make sure it is optimized for the search engines.  First off a Pillar Post is a major post that your visitors will be coming to view.  If you would like an example of a Pillar Post you can find one on my blog if you Click Here.  The Pillar Post is a post that you think is well written or gives great value, etc.

To make sure your blog is SEO optimized you need to know what your key words are, or at least some key words that you think you should use.  Maybe your blog is about work at home moms, and you are writing a post on wahm scams.

Find the keywords:
1. Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.  (Free)
2. Enter your keyword or phrase into the form. (work at home mom scam)
3. Enter the captcha letters and submit.
4. Check the list of keywords for other phrases you can work into your article.

Here are just a few of the keywords for the phrase: work at home mom scam.
online work at home
work from home scams
internet work at home
work at home for moms
legitimate work at home jobs
work at home
making money at home
work from home for free
work at home scams

The Free Google AdWords Keyword Tool also shows you how many people are searching for those words monthly.  In all there were a total of 199 keyword phrases that popped up when I put my original keyword phrase into the blog tool. You need to pick a few of the most searched keywords and make sure you try to work them into your blog post in a natural way.

You don't want to fill up you pillar blog posts with keywords and make it difficult for visitors to read.  If you repeat your key words over and over again you will essentially be keyword spamming which is a bad thing and Google and its little spider bots will punish your search engine ranking for spamming the keywords.  The goal is to optimize for the search engines, not to stuff full of keywords.

Occasionally you will be writing a blog tutorial and you will need to repeat your keywords to show your readers exactly what you mean.  For the most part though, you don't want to over use your main keywords.  That is why the adwords tool comes in very handy so you can have other phrases you can use in your blog posts.

If you want to know more about SEO you can read more of what I wrote in this post:  How to use SEO to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

I am not the best at writing with SEO in mind, sometimes you just write for your reader to get your points across and not for the search engine bots.  If you work on SEO are mindful of your key words and make good use of the tool you can optimize your blog posts so more traffic will find its way to your blog.

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