Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Additional 5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog

An Additional 5 Free Blog Traffic Tips

There are many Free ways to get more blog traffic and see your blog visitor numbers go up daily.  So if your blog traffic is lacking or has plateaued you might want to give the 5 Blog Traffic Tips below a try to increase your blog traffic.

An Additional 5 Free Traffic Tips:

1. Make a Squidoo Lens - you can easily set up a squidoo lens and give tips similar to your blog.  Then you can give a link to your blog and even use a little widget to find your blog and automatically post the last 3 blog posts to your Squidoo Lens.

2. Write a Guest Post - and get your well written guest blog published on a great blog that you actually follow or enjoy reading and that is related to your blog niche.

3. Make a Video - Make a video and upload it to YouTube.  Have the video show how to do something that is valuable and that your blog readers and others will like.  You get a link to your blog and you can also embed your blog link into the video.

4. Sign up for - It is a community where you can connect to other blog owners.  You can make blog friends and find blogs to read and comment on (this is how I got my first blog comment).  If a blogger has the widget you get to see your avatar when you visit their blog.  I like seeing my little palm tree on a blog that I am reading.

5. Create Link Bait - What is link bait?  Link Bait is a way of getting massive amounts of backlinks in a short time from something you have done that goes viral, or makes a really big splash in the blogosphere.  Something that will catch lots of peoples attention and get traffic to blogs.  Something such as a huge list like: 101 Niches to Blog About for Making Money  or news and maybe a freebie that everyone will want.

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