Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Can You Learn from Problogger?

If you have been looking around the blogging for money world you may have noticed the blog site:  which is written by Darren Rowse.  Darren has written a blog post about generating traffic a favorite topic of mine.  You can view his post below:

7 Factors on Generating Traffic to Your Blog 
"Over the last few weeks I’ve had three conversations with readers regarding different sources of traffic..."
Darren has been running his blog for a few years now so he has built up quite a following and quite a large yearly income just from his blog.  Darren also has guests post sometimes on his blog - which is a win/win situation.  He gets more relevant content for his blog and gets a break from posting so often and the guest poster gets a link back to their blog.

It is always nice to have someone who is the top in their field to emulate.  So Darren Rowse is my mentor, whether he knows it or not.  You can learn a ton about a person just from watching and reading their blog and noticing the methods that they use.

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