Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 5 - My Blogging Fortune Challenge

Day 5 of my Blogging Fortune Challenge - Weekend Slow Down

It's Day 5 and we have the weekend, Valentine's Day and a migraine.  So not much work got accomplished on the blog today.

But here is what did happen:
Still frustrated with Technorati because it has been three whole days (I'm Impatient) they have found my blog and it is under review.  I don't want to ping my blog again because I have their code in one post and I don't want that showing up anywhere else.   I just want it added to their blog directory so I can get some more blog traffic which = more money!

What did I do on Day 5 to Make Money with my Blog?
  •  Placed  4  New Links to my Blog around the Internet 
  • Started an article to put up on Ezine Articles 
That was it, but at least I did something.  I would have liked to had one more link to make it 5 links a day because my blog needs the link love.  

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