Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Blog's 1 Month Birthday

Happy Bloggy Birthday:

Most bloggers won't celebrate a one month blogaversary, but you don't see that stopping me.  I am proud of the blog that I have accomplished this far and am hopeful for the one year birthday of my blog.  I just want to toot my own horn a little bit and show you what some hard work and dedication to getting more free blog traffic can do.

What I have accomplished with my blog in one month:
~ Over 216 unique visitors.  (free traffic my friends)
~ Eight Blog Readers through RSS or Email
~ Twitter followers = 69
~ Indexed in Google
~ Traffic Rank in US: 296,959 - better than some older blogs.
~ Technorati: Authority 130
~ Yahoo BackLinks: 178

Not a bad job for just one month, but that is just my 2 cents.  I am impressed with the amount of free backlinks coming in from Yahoo, it must have been the articles that I have posted.  Things are looking up and now I have some results to compare to next months findings.  For the most part everything should continue to go up, at least that is what I am trying to accomplish here anyway.

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