Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Blog Traffic - 31 Day Challenge - Week 2

Take the Free Blog Traffic Challenge with me:

If your blog needs more free traffic you can follow along with the 31 Day Challenge to increase traffic to your beloved blog.

To view the beginning week of My Free Blog Traffic Challenge click here.

Free Blog Traffic Challenge - Week 2:
1. Answer Questions at Mahalo for backlinks
2. Article to GoArticles
3. Hubpage Article
4. Press Release
5. Answer Questions at Blurt It for links
6. Get my blog Reviewed
7. 43 link

Another busy week here to get more free traffic to my blog.  I am also still blogging each and every day then pinging and doing 100 Entrecard drops daily.  Anyways, one week down and three to go for my free blog traffic challenge.  My free blog traffic has increased daily mostly from Entrecard but I am also getting some organic search traffic also.

I am not sure where to get my blog reviewed for free.  So I will be on the look out for a free blog reviewer.  If any one knows where I can find one please leave it in the comments, up above this post with my tags, and I will owe you one!

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