Sunday, February 21, 2010

Learn HTML to Maximize your Profit

Learn HTML to Increase your Money Making Blog's Profit

If you learn a little HTML or HyperText Markup Language you can add features to your blog that your competition may not have.   HTML has made the Internet what it is today, without it all you would see is plain text.

The definition of HTML is the language used in construction and layout of websites where special HTML tags are used to change the text.  These tags for HTML are contained inside carrots < > and consist of words or letters.

What can you do to your blog with HTML?  You can do all of the other things that your blog post text editor can help you do and more...

With HTML You Can:
Bold Text
Italicize Text
Underline Text
Change Color
Change Font
Change Size  

Now if you have a money making blog you can use HTML for links and you can decide if you want the link to lead visitors away from your site or if you want them to have the link open up in another tab and keep your blog page open.

For Example:  to open a new window or tab you would use the following:

<*A HREF="newwindow.html" TARGET="_blank">a new window<*/A>

You would replace the "newwindow.html" with your link and then replace "a new window" with the
text that you want to show over the link.  You must also take out the asterisks for the html to work 
When you are done it could look like this:   
Money Making Blog and if you click on it you will find you will be taken to My Blogging Fortune's Home page but in a new tab or window.

There are many HTML Tutorials that you can find and use on the Internet.  I have found one that I especially like at  Or if you like to learn by watching videos you can take the One Hour HTML course.

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