Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make Money Online Without Spending Any Money

How to Make Money Online Without Spending Money

The best way to make money online is with blogging.  Pick your niche and you can set up a blog for free on Wordpress or Blogger and get started in your money making ventures.  Once you set up your free blog you then can sign up for Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates and ClickBank.  You can even accept donations from PayPal on your blog to make more cash.

With Making Money Blogging you don't need your own website or hosting and most importantly you no longer need a product to earn money online.  You are able to sell other people's products or digital information right on your blog all without spending one measly penny.

Once you set up your blog and have monetized it then you will want to drive traffic to your blog.  There are many ways to get visitors to come and read your blog without spending any money.  You can read my free traffic ideas blog post here:  5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

All of this may sound simple, and really to set everything up making money online with a blog is easy to get started but it will take a while for the cash to start pouring in.  If you don't want to set up your own blog because it intimidates you there are other free blogging for profit options that I have listed here: Where to Get Paid to Blog

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